Monday, February 20, 2006

Am I the only one....

who forgets about a WIP (work in progess)??? I was shuffling through my stitching closet today getting ready to pull some out some thread, and stumbled across Toccata on the stretcher bars. Oh, I had forgotten all about it! And then I was sorting through my basket looking for some fabric, and lo and behold there is Victoria Sampler's A is for Angel, totally neglected by little old me. I must somehow get these pieces back into my line of vision so I don't forget them again. I am looking forward to someday having a stitching ROOM, so things won't always get hidden in my dark closet! LOL!

Well, the birthday weekend is over. Huge sigh of relief. And as a bonus, I had the day off from work today because of President's Day. So I was able to take care of things for myself that I didn't get done over the weekend, such as doing my hair and having my nails done. Horray! Now I feel much better! So now I am off to start stitching on Honeysuckle Rose. Thank you Anne! Now I have another WIP to keep track of! LOL!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Does anyone have this?

I am longing to do this freebie Just Nan pattern (called Honeysuckle Rose, copyright 2000) for a clock insert that I have, but I cannot find the pattern anywhere. Does anyone have a copy of this freebie that they would be willing to give/lend/trade? Thanks so much.


I wandered around my house last night, in and out of my stitching room/office, wanting to stitch, but way to tired to sit down and work on a project where I had to think (ie designing) or mess around with lots of threads and the mess in my stitching basket. Am I the only one who feels this way? I had a couple of smalls I have really been wanting to work on, but again I was too mind numb and tired to even try and think about pulling fabric and making thread choices. I decided that I need to make up a bunch of small, compact and neat kits to pull out in such a time. So I hope to get around to that sometime this weekend. If I make several and put them into appealing packaging (not sure what that will be yet) then it will be easier to stitch when I am tired.

Lizzie's birthday party with her friends is this afternoon. I really should be out picking up the house and vacuuming. She is 11 this year, and it has been amazing to watch her mature this winter. On her actual birthday on Thursday, we went up and cleaned out ALL the toys and stuffed animals from her bedroom. That would have been unthinkable a few months ago. So now they line the walls of the upstairs den...probably to either go into storage or migrate their way to Alana.

The wind has died down some today, but is still blowing enough to get the wind chill way down. The cars didn't even ice up last night, really weird considering it got down to single digits in Fahrenheit. It still looks like a gorgeous summer morning to look outside.

Here is a bit of the band I added to Alana's birth sampler last Monday. I was pleased with the way it turned out. I had never stitched drawn thread and pulled thread together, it's an interesting band. Even more, Amy liked it too.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Getting blown away

It is bitter cold here in Western Washington. The sun is shining in full glory, so it deceptively inviting to step outside and then....ouch, the wind hits with a wind chill that MUST be close to zero. Not sure it's that low, but it feels like it. The wind has come from the north and caused all kinds of limbs and trees to come down. We were without power for about 4 hours at work this morning due to a tree down. Thank goodness for that large generator that was installed last summer. The members were still able to access their money!!!

More later, But here is another picture of Alana. I'll get some stitching pix up this weekend.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

It's Sunday again...

I seem to only find time to post on Sunday afternoons. This has been a very busy week, yet I feel like I have nothing exciting to write about. I had some all day training for work on Friday, and when I came home, my sweet granddaughter was there waiting for me. She spent the night with us while her mommy and daddy took a well-deserved night away in Seattle. It was fun to have her for the whole night. She did really well. I got up at 2 AM and 6 AM to give her a bottle, but she slept from 10 PM till 10 AM for us.

I missed the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympic Games, I just plain forgot it was on TV. Oh well. This week is valentines day, and Lizzie's 11th birthday on Thursday. Which reminds me, it is Thea's (Victoria Sampler) birthday on Thursday too. They share a birthday. Saturday Lizzie is having all her friends over for a party, then Sunday is special meetings at church. It looks to be another very busy week!

And I have not been able to pick up a needle all week!!!! So I will share a picture of Alana in her Valentine's outfit!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Where's the Integrity?

WARNING!! I have to rant. Sorry about that, but it's my blog, I guess I can do that. Please skip this post if you don't want to listen.

I just arrived home from taking my daughter to piano lessons and was listening to talk radio in the car. I could not believe my ears. The quarterback from the Pittsburg Steelers (Lizzie calls them the Stealers) admitted on late night TV (I think it was Letterman, I am not sure) that he did NOT cross the goal line in that controversial touchdown in the Super Bowl. He then went and told HIS COACH that he didn't make it across the line. He knew it immediately after the play. His coach knew it immediately after the play. AND THEY SAID NOTHING!!

Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture? I would have severely reprimanded my child if he/she had done anything like that. And then to take the 6 points like they deserved it. (Shaking my head in disgust). Yesterday I had no respect for the officials. Today, I lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of this quarterback. He should have known better. And they dare to call themselves great. Sheesh. They will never, ever, ever have my respect as a team. Shame on them!!!

So, done with my rant. I hate injustice (refs). I hate lies more (quarterback and coach). The Lord says what you reap you shall sow. The world calls it karma, or what goes around comes around. Today, I am glad I am not in their shoes. Now...I need to go pray about my attitude, LOL!!!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

A TA-DA Moment...

I finished the second Shepherd's Bush Christmas Ornament tonight. I am very pleased with the way it turned out, but it seemed to take me forever to get done. Must have been all the solid stitching on the angel, I'm not sure. So Von, now I am caught up with you!!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl blues

Well, I have watched only 1.5 football games this year. I watched the Seattle Seahawks win the National Championship two weeks ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it. But after two quarters of the Superbowl, I have left the game and walked away. I am thoroughly disgusted with the obviously biased referees, and if that is the way that Pittsburg wants to win, by bad calls and obvious partiality, then they can have it. I can't stand to watch any kind of game (let alone the Super Bowl) in which the refs make mistake after mistake, and there is no justice or restitution for it. I am too much a person of justice when it comes to sports.

So I have said my piece and I won't say anymore. I know that 99% of you reading this have no idea what I am talking about and care even less, so no matter. In the grand scheme of things, in the light of eternity, what is it going to matter?

On a lighter note, I haven't done any stitching all weekend. Boo hoo. But I DID manage to get our taxes done, and we are getting a very decent refund. It was a 6 hour ordeal, but it is done for another year, and I can enjoy the fruits of my for Disneyland!!! WOOHOO!

I am at a bit of a design blockage in stitching My Child's Heart. I can't make up my mind which kind of band would look best below the name lettering. I have found with such blockages that I usually need to set it aside for a few days and come back to it. The top half of the design is pretty heavy with lots of hardanger and ribbon flowers, so I need to make sure it doesn't get top heavy and overpower any thing I do below. It will come to me. I'm feeling a little drained tonight after the fiasco of the football game. I think I will work on something already designed and easy to stitch. Probably my Shepherd's Bush ornaments. I am still plugging away on #2. Von how far along are you these days? Probably WAAAAY ahead of me!!!

Here's a scan of the name on the sampler. I love the way it turned out with the Weeks Dye works thread (Sweetheart Rose). Isn't that an appropriate color name for my sweetheart grand daughter?