Saturday, October 24, 2009


Well, this has been quite the week. We had made arrangements for some friends to come in and help us paint last weekend, and wouldn't ya' know, I come down with swine flu on Friday night! It has been alot of years since I have been so sick and for so long. I was down in bed for 6 days straight, and finally ventured out to the doctor yesterday. The flu had turned into bronchitis, so with some antibiotics and better cough medicine I am finally starting to feel better. Thankfully, the painting happened without my help. John and a couple of friends are working on the last two rooms as I write, and then it will be all done. Wow, what an ordeal! I know John was counting on me being a lot more help than I was able to be. We hope to sign the listing papers this week, hurray!

The weather has turned decidedly into autumn, and I was amazed when I went out to the doctor yesterday how the wind and rain has knocked all the leaves off the big trees. My little trees around the house are still valiantly hanging on to those leaves.

I don't have any pictures or much other news to share after my hibernation...I know I was really sick when I didn't even feel like stitching!!! But for a closer, here is a picture of my granddaughters Alana and Gracie at the pumpkin patch last Saturday....

Friday, October 02, 2009

Huge Changes!

This has been quite the 6 weeks at our house since my last post. Big changes are in store for us. We have decided to sell our house. John has been physically unable to work full days at work due to his stroke, which has meant much smaller paychecks. We have been weekly struggling to stay on top of the bills, especially with the extra medical bills that our insurance did not cover. So rather than continue the struggle and risk falling behind, we decided to get out from underneath the mortgage and rent a smaller place. We will be able to get along on my salary alone then, it will actually be a huge relief for me not to be worried about the money any longer, and a burden lifted off of John as he works to recover. The whole family is in agreement and feels it is the best option.

To that end, we have rented a two bedroom apartment for Amy and the girls, directly below Chris and Alli's apartment. It will be wonderful for her to have family and protection so close. This weekend we are going to be moving her things over, and then regrouping ourselves to get ready for our own move. The texture repair guys and painters will be here in about 10 days, then we will get new flooring and carpet laid down before we actually get it listed. There is alot to do, since we have 10 years of accumulation that needs to be sorted through and given or thrown away. A fresh start is very appealing to me!

John and I spent Labor Day up at the cabin, and had a very restful time. We went into Bellingham one afternoon and visited the old neighborhood and spent some time in Cornwall Park near where I grew up. Whatcom Creek was very low, and it made for some very pretty pools and waterfalls.
I am continuing to design these days, tho it has been a lot more sporadic due to all the packing and work going on around here. I finished a small "frame" that is done in whites and ecru and will be perfect for surrounding a wedding or christening picture. I am currently working on a hardanger and silk ribbon embroidery piece that will be a stitching pocket and a picture/box inset. I hope to have more time soon to get it finished!