Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blogger is nuts today!

I can post a picture. I can type text. But do you think Blogger will let me do both in the same post??? of course not!!! This post is the result of many many tries!!!

Anyway, here is the picture of my finished Summer Spot, which I finished up today. Happy dance for getting it done! What a struggle to get the picture posted!!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

August days

It's been a busy three weeks since my last post, but nothing of the sort to get very excited about. Let's see, what have I been up to...three day long computer classes for work, Amy and Alana staying with us for several days while they moved, two retreat planning committee meetings, a church picnic at the ocean, keeping Alana overnight while Amy and Max celebrated their 6th anniversary, one whole day of yard maintenance and cleanup, work full time, three piano lessons with Lizzie, preparing a talk for the Women's Retreat next Friday, laundry and dishes, etc. Anyone notice what is NOT on my list? (hint: it starts with S and ends with G).

Not that I didn't get ANY stitching done, just for me it feels like nothing since there is so little to show for it. I needed a break from my new design after vacation, so picked up Summer Spot by The Drawn Thread, thinking it would be a very quick stitch, and then I could get back to my designing. Wrong. Three weeks, and I am still not done with it. Arggh. Of course, Blogger is not allowing me to upload a picture of it right now, so maybe I'll try again later.

These great kites were flying on the beach at Ocean Shores last Saturday. We spent only about half an hour on the beach. Even though it was an absolutely gorgeous day weather wise, the wind coming off the ocean was bitter cold, such as you might experience in November. It was too cold to even walk around, so we went back inland to the picnic site where the wind wasn't blowing. By 6:00 pm we were all huddled around the campfire keeping warm. Such an odd thing for August!!!

John has been plugging away once a week or so on the is how it looks today after another day's work. One of these days it will be beautiful and match the house, and have a roof! We are both looking foward to it.

We went and bought another car today. So now we have 5 in the driveway between the four of us. (Chris and Alli each have one). John's truck is leaking oil badly and needs the bottom of the engine replaced, so we bought an old Honda Accord for him to drive in the interim...only $450!!