Monday, July 01, 2013

Sweet Surprises

For several years I celebrated the anniversary of my blogging adventures with pictures of the daisies in my  yard.  And then we had to sell the house and move, and I left behind many precious flowers and trees in my yard.  There are three things I miss the most from the old house...the apple trees, the raspberry bushes, and the daisies.  Our house sold in the middle of a December...too cold and too many hidden roots to take any plants with us when we left for good.  But the people who bought our house were so kind, and invited me back the next summer to take some starts of my favorite things.  All I really wanted were some raspberries and daisies!  I thankfully dug up several starts of both, brought them to the new house, and planted and tended them.  And they both promptly died.  Or so I thought!  For the next year I lamented the loss of the starts, but last year, I actually had a couple of raspberry plants just sprout up!! I have tended them carefully again, and this summer I actually have enjoyed a handful of my very own raspberries!  But I still missed those darn daisies.  I couldn't find any store daisies that seemed to be the same, and figured it was a loss I would  have to live with.  I even contemplated going to the old house and sneaking a daisy start from the flower bed by the road!!! (True confession time!)

Two summers ago when I was planting new flowers in our new home, I had planted a daisy sort of looking plan with lavender flowers.  It bloomed nicely for two summers and I thought it was coming back again this year, as I was watching it get taller and ganglier and getting little daisy like buds on it.

And then, I came home from my parents house last week after being gone most of the week, and stopped in my tracks, for there, bright as day was a DAISY!  An honest to goodness DAISY!!  The starts that I thought had died were growing!

Seems like a bit of a miracle when I needed to be encouraged that life will get better one of these days!