Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Seems like all of a sudden it was summer....

I believe we went directly from winter to summer here this year. It is only the end of June and already my lawn is brown, usually only seen by the middle of August. Very little rain here, we broke a record for days without rain, and considering June is usually very cool and rainy, it's been weird, to say the least!

I have been working away on three new designs this spring. Two are completely stitched and charted and we are working on the framing and layout. I hope to have it all wrapped up and to the printers by July 10th. One design is done with Pistachio Nut Waterlilies and lots of hardanger, to be used as a picture frame like Sunglow Memories. Another design celebrates grandchildren with hardanger and cross stitch. I am still stitching away on a small picture frame done all in white and ivory silk ribbon embroidery...meant for a special occasion, a wedding or christening. We are really excited and pleased with the new designs and I can hardly wait to show them to you.

On the home front, we have a new puppy in the house, an American Staffordshire Terrier/Lab mix, a puppy mill rescue. We are not totally sure of this mix, as a breeder has told us he looks like a show quality purebred to her. He is a very good dog, a quick learner and very loving. Brindle and white with perfect breed markings, his name is Chance, and he is Lizzie's baby....and just for the record, the AmStaff's are NOT the same as pit bulls. They became two totally separate breeds 150 years ago. Just in case you had heard differently. (GRIN)
Over Memorial Day weekend I rented a trailer at the campground where we have a camping membership and spent three wonderful days designing and stitching and watching movies and eating chocolate! The girls and baby Silas joined me on Saturday, and we spent a nice day playing shuffleboard, walking and barbequeing hamburgers before they headed home. It was a great weekend, one I hope to repeat again soon!
The grandkids are growing up by leaps and bounds. Alana caught her first fish with Uncle Chris last month.
Silas is 6 1/2 months old, and is beginning to smile for someone besides his mommy...sometimes! He is still very serious most of the time! Here is one of the rare half smiles I have been able to catch in a picture!

And of course, Gracie delights us daily with all her new words and actions. Here is a little video showing her delight in the tasting sweet and sour sauce for the first time:

So there is a quick catch up of the family. It's been a very busy two months since we returned from Maui, I will try and stay on top of the blog posts better the rest of the year!!! Promise!