Thursday, June 03, 2010

It's June Already?

Well this year is certainly flying by...I have caught several friends joining me in saying, "is it really June??" I took three days off work this week and spent the week puttering around the house getting some projects done that I wanted to do. I cleaned out my stitching closets and drawers and pulled out all the things I knew I would never use. I set up an Etsy shop to offer them to other stitchers very reasonably priced (i.e., cheap!). For some reason, I hate to see these things to go to Goodwill, probably because I halfway think they would probably get tossed as unsellable! So I hope you will stop by Lacey Thread's Etsy and see if you find something that interests you. I still have about 20 more items sitting here on my table that I need to list, and I also plan on listing all my leaflets too.

I also finished up my newest design, got the models finished and photographed, and I am about 2/3 done with writing the leaflet! I hope to get it sent off to the printer this weekend, if life cooperates! I am very excited about Hearts and Flowers, it was very fun to stitch. Here's a peek of my photography set up yesterday.
So it's back to work tomorrow for one day, then I have the weekend to continue plugging away on these projects. I spent one evening completely rearranging my floss DMC has been put into my boxes in numerical order for ease of pulling threads for designs by other designers. I realized this month that it was completely wrong for me now that I design, because when I want to choose a pink floss, I had to pull out all 4 boxes and open them all and make sure I looked at all the pinks. So I rearranged all the floss by color families, so when I want, say a pink floss, I pull out just one box and they are all there from dark to light. This would be a very tedious way to find floss numbers for anyone else, but I think it will work well for designing!

The last four weekends Lizzie and I, and sometimes John, have tried to get outside and take a "nature walk" every weekend. Nothing too strenuous or long, but we are just making an effort to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. This last weekend we didn't make it to a true nature trail, but we did end up in downtown Tacoma, and walked around the outside of the Museum of Glass...the displays are very nice. On the bridge that goes over the freeway there are lots of displays, and one of them is in the ceiling...what a great view! Of course I had forgotten my camera, so these are taken only with my cell phone and are not as good as I would like, but I think you can get the idea of the man made beauty out for everyone to enjoy!

This one reminds me of coral, sea urchins, jelly fish and sea stars! One day soon I want to go back and take some really good pictures of this glass is so incredible in person!