Friday, June 10, 2011

A milestone day for our daughter!

Allison Christine Dunton Phillips, Bachelor of Science

There was no pomp and circumstance, they didn't walk in orderly rows, some wore costumes and others wore cap and gowns, they danced to their seats and cheered all their hard work, it was sit on the grass and eat cookies and hot dogs, but they did not lack for enthusiasm and families that are proud! Congratulations to all the graduates of the Evergreen State College! We are so proud of you Allison!

Alli's son, Silas, trying to see Mommy walking with the rest of graduates!

Proud Mom and Dad!

And here is a little bragging about Allison! She is not only graduated with her Bachelors of Science, which she accomplished with a two year old child and a hubby; she also took her ACS the other day, which is like the SAT for science to get into grad school, and she scored in the top 95% for the nation! WITHOUT EVEN STUDYING!!!!! Way to go Alli!

Allison and hubby Christopher

Sisters! Amy Sue, Allison and Alizabeth.