Saturday, May 14, 2011

A restful day!

This morning we woke up to fair skies and warm was so beautiful outside! I spent some time puttering around on the patio, sprucing up the flowers and sweeping, and after a couple of errands I came home and sat in the sun and stitched for a couple of hours! I then went and had my nails done, and by the time I got home, it was pouring down rain, thunder and lightening! So I lit a fire and a candle, turned on some quiet music and sat down to play with my new beads!!

I have been wanting to have all the Mill Hill beads for my designing, and I scored a great find on Ebay! .5 gram bags of each and every color of Mill Hill for $35. I was so happy! The .5 gram bags are not enough beads to stitch a whole project, but I can at least see all the colors available in hand now and know which beads to order for a project! I had a lot of fun sorting by number and then by color...

Last week on Mother's Day we had most of the family over here to our house for dinner, and had a really fun time. We were able to take some pictures of "us girls", thanks to the beginning photography skills of Alana, age 5. She did pretty well for her first time, though we are a little off center! LOL!

From left to right is me, daughter Allison, sister Karen, daughter Amy Sue
and granddaughter Gracie down in front.

And of course, granddaughters Alana (left) and Gracie.

I did the smocking on both of their dresses, actually the purple dress I made for Amy Sue 25 years ago when she was Alana's age! It is so fun to see two generations wear the same dress!