Sunday, October 29, 2006

Another week gone by...

I struggled with dead batteries in my camera all week. I finally went and bought really good brand new ones Friday, and John accidently put them in the freezer with the frozen food from the store, so these new batteries are only giving me about 10 pictures before they fizzle out too. At least the first pictures I took this time were of the WIP's that I talked about last week. My "Fall into Autumn" is turning out well, I have two more leaves and three acorns to stitch when I finally get around to stitching again. Also here is a picture of my progress on the Lorri Birmingham piece. It's going to be long while I think before this one is ready to grace my dining room table!!!

I also found a very old piece that I stitched when I was pregnant with Amy 25 years is all done in pearl cotton 8, having to buy all those balls of thread made it a pricey project, even that long ago. When I pulled it out of the closet it had yellowed pretty badly, so I soaked it for about three days in Oxyclean, and as you can see, it looks new again. I am planning on getting it framed for my granddaughter when I's a very large piece, 13 by 16 inches (about 33 by 43 cm).

Its been a busy week. We had Toby cat into the vet a couple times. He caught a bird on Monday and ate most of it, and tore himself up inside swallowing things he shouldn't have swallowed, so by Tuesday he was one sick kitty. I thought he had a bone caught in his throat, so I took him to the emergency thing led to another, the emergency vet took x-ray after x-ray and decided he needed surgery for bowel obstruction. Well, we love Toby but needed to think about spending big bucks, so we brought him home. The next day he seemed a little better, so we called the Kitty Klinic and they said bring him right in, and even if he needs surgery, it would be only 1/4 of the cost. Nah, he was fine, just had scraped up his insides real bad. We got some antibiotics for him and now he is acting perfectly normal. Sheesh. I will think twice about taking him back to the emergency vet again!!! I hope that he will think twice before he eats a bird again! Is it possible for cats to learn avoidance?

I can hardly believe how quickly time is going by. This month at my new job has just flown by and the weeks are over before I hardly know it. Its hard for me to comprehend that Halloween is this week and before I know it, Thanksgiving will be here. Granddaughter Alana will be one year old in three weeks! Doesn't seem possible!