Monday, February 20, 2006

Am I the only one....

who forgets about a WIP (work in progess)??? I was shuffling through my stitching closet today getting ready to pull some out some thread, and stumbled across Toccata on the stretcher bars. Oh, I had forgotten all about it! And then I was sorting through my basket looking for some fabric, and lo and behold there is Victoria Sampler's A is for Angel, totally neglected by little old me. I must somehow get these pieces back into my line of vision so I don't forget them again. I am looking forward to someday having a stitching ROOM, so things won't always get hidden in my dark closet! LOL!

Well, the birthday weekend is over. Huge sigh of relief. And as a bonus, I had the day off from work today because of President's Day. So I was able to take care of things for myself that I didn't get done over the weekend, such as doing my hair and having my nails done. Horray! Now I feel much better! So now I am off to start stitching on Honeysuckle Rose. Thank you Anne! Now I have another WIP to keep track of! LOL!


Von said...

So glad you had a good birthday week and a little break today!
I have several WIPs I haven't quite forgotten about because I'm reminded every month as they're mostly SAGA projects. I have a nice linen table runner I'm embroidering in traditional whitework. I should do what Laura is doing with hers - one length of thread is worked each day.
Why does it NOT surprise me that Anne is sending you the freebie!! She just sent me the thistle design she finished the other day - what a sweetie!

AnneS said...

You are very welcome, Connie - I was glad to be able to help out :) At least with this one it's small enough not to be a WIP for very long ;P

Barbara said...

Hi Connie - I am finally back online! Would you kindly re-send your Gemini Birthday Exchange information to me (obviously it was all lost when my laptop was stolen). Sorry for the inconvenience.

Congratulations on making it through your birthday weekend!