Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl blues

Well, I have watched only 1.5 football games this year. I watched the Seattle Seahawks win the National Championship two weeks ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it. But after two quarters of the Superbowl, I have left the game and walked away. I am thoroughly disgusted with the obviously biased referees, and if that is the way that Pittsburg wants to win, by bad calls and obvious partiality, then they can have it. I can't stand to watch any kind of game (let alone the Super Bowl) in which the refs make mistake after mistake, and there is no justice or restitution for it. I am too much a person of justice when it comes to sports.

So I have said my piece and I won't say anymore. I know that 99% of you reading this have no idea what I am talking about and care even less, so no matter. In the grand scheme of things, in the light of eternity, what is it going to matter?

On a lighter note, I haven't done any stitching all weekend. Boo hoo. But I DID manage to get our taxes done, and we are getting a very decent refund. It was a 6 hour ordeal, but it is done for another year, and I can enjoy the fruits of my for Disneyland!!! WOOHOO!

I am at a bit of a design blockage in stitching My Child's Heart. I can't make up my mind which kind of band would look best below the name lettering. I have found with such blockages that I usually need to set it aside for a few days and come back to it. The top half of the design is pretty heavy with lots of hardanger and ribbon flowers, so I need to make sure it doesn't get top heavy and overpower any thing I do below. It will come to me. I'm feeling a little drained tonight after the fiasco of the football game. I think I will work on something already designed and easy to stitch. Probably my Shepherd's Bush ornaments. I am still plugging away on #2. Von how far along are you these days? Probably WAAAAY ahead of me!!!

Here's a scan of the name on the sampler. I love the way it turned out with the Weeks Dye works thread (Sweetheart Rose). Isn't that an appropriate color name for my sweetheart grand daughter?


Von said...

Connie, I love the alphabet style you've chosen for Alana's name! And Sweetheart Rose is certainly most appropriate for such a sweet little doll. :))

Since completing the second in the SB series, I went on to other projects for the month. So I have completed #2, but haven't yet started #3.

Am packing up the trunk show to send out in the morning, sob! :(

Barbara said...

Oooh I love that WDW color!

I'm so glad you'll be joining us in the Gemini birthday exchange! I'm not sure yet exactly what we'll exchange ... though it'll obviously be stitching related! :-)