Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Where's the Integrity?

WARNING!! I have to rant. Sorry about that, but it's my blog, I guess I can do that. Please skip this post if you don't want to listen.

I just arrived home from taking my daughter to piano lessons and was listening to talk radio in the car. I could not believe my ears. The quarterback from the Pittsburg Steelers (Lizzie calls them the Stealers) admitted on late night TV (I think it was Letterman, I am not sure) that he did NOT cross the goal line in that controversial touchdown in the Super Bowl. He then went and told HIS COACH that he didn't make it across the line. He knew it immediately after the play. His coach knew it immediately after the play. AND THEY SAID NOTHING!!

Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture? I would have severely reprimanded my child if he/she had done anything like that. And then to take the 6 points like they deserved it. (Shaking my head in disgust). Yesterday I had no respect for the officials. Today, I lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of this quarterback. He should have known better. And they dare to call themselves great. Sheesh. They will never, ever, ever have my respect as a team. Shame on them!!!

So, done with my rant. I hate injustice (refs). I hate lies more (quarterback and coach). The Lord says what you reap you shall sow. The world calls it karma, or what goes around comes around. Today, I am glad I am not in their shoes. Now...I need to go pray about my attitude, LOL!!!!


Amy Sue said...

The worst part is that nothing can be done about it!! They should be severely punished for it, but they won't even get a slap on the wrist! Okay, I told myself I was gonna keep my anger in check on this on. It's hard though. Darn it all. AHHHHH!!!

Connie said...

I agree, Amy, that it is the worst that there is no justice, and even worse, that they will never admit to being wrong. Doesn't sit well with me. Like I said, I hate injustice, especially when it is impossible to rectify it.

LOL! Now I REALLY need to pray about my attitude!

Von said...

Well, Connie, I don't know that they could have really done anything about it - admitting up front that I don't really know anything about football. It seems that the call goes to the refs. And it was soooo obvious from viewing the replay that the ball was not at the line, so I don't understand the judges in the box letting it go. Makes you wonder just how much $$ the refs really made on that game!!

Sara said...

Yeah it was so obvious and I have no clue how the refs missed it on reviewing the play. I was totally cheering for Seatle.