Friday, May 16, 2008

A Mother's Day Tale.

I had intended to post this little story last Sunday on Mother's Day, but with all the celebrations, the day got away from me, and now this is a little late. So just pretend it is 6 days ago, and it is still Mother's Day.....

22 years ago today I was in the hospital having a baby. On Mother's Day. Only one other lady and I were privileged in 1986 at St. Alphonsus' Hospital in Boise, Idaho, to be giving birth on Mother's Day. Yeah, it was cool. The paper had a big write up about mothers giving birth on Mother's Day that year, but the lady they used for pictures actually had given birth the Friday before. I still don't like that she got all the glory for something that myself and another lady actually did!

Anyway, our daughter Allison Christine was born on Mother's Day. And every so many years, her birthday still falls on Mother's Day. This year is one of those years. Happy Birthday dear daughter! But this Mother's Day is even more special, because a few weeks ago, Alli discovered that she and hubby Chris are expecting their first baby!!! (Woo Hoo! I'm going to be a Grandma again!!!) So this year, on Mother's Day, on her birthday, she gets to celebrate HER first Mother's Day as a Mother to be. Can it get any more wonderful than that???

Allison and Christopher on their Wedding Day, Sept. 10, 2005.

Baby Phillips at 9 weeks old. Arms and legs were moving during the ultrasound!
In one of her posts about our trip to Victoria, Von mentioned a special phone call that we received when were driving up north. Von's cell phone rang, and it was my daughter, Amy, saying Mom, we have something very important to tell you. Mom where are you? You may want to turn around and come home for this (by this time we were 45 miles away from home). Mom, why didn't you answer your phone. Mom this is really important...
Okay already, just tell me will you? (of course my first thoughts were somebody was badly hurt or worse). Okay, she said, you sure you don't want to come home? No, I said, we are in Federal Way, it's too far!!! Okay, she said, I'm going to let you talk to Alli!
And I KNEW!!! Alli gets on the phone and says, Hi Momma! my response? ARE YOU PREGNANT? little voice responds, yes!!! Von and I both break out in cheers and horrahs!!!
Another fun story that will be told for a long time around our dinner table!!!
Congratulations Alli and Chris!!! We are all so excited for you!

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