Friday, May 16, 2008

A Little More about Victoria

On the first full day we were in Victoria we went out for a walk and some shopping at the needlework store. The weather was bitter cold that afternoon, so we ducked into a place called Murchies for a bite of lunch. We don't have any Murchies in the States that I know of, but I sure wish we did. It is a lovely tea store, and they also have a lunch/coffee counter where you can get a light lunch or lucious deserts along with your tea or latte. They even serve the food on beautiful silver trays.

They were serving Chicken Pot Pie for their lunch special and both Von and I ordered one. Mmmmm, it was probably the best chicken pot pie I have ever tasted! I also had a side of pasta salad that was quite good and some chai tea. It was a wonderful meal to get warmed up with.

I've always admired food photography on blogs, some of the pictures look so professional. We took pictures of our pot picture is not that professional looking, as it was half eaten before we remembered to take pictures...oh well. You get the idea.

Later that afternoon, about tea time, we were hungry and cold again, so we went back into Murchies for tea. Actually, we had coffee and desert. My favorite desert in the whole world is creme brulee (burnt cream) and I couldn't pass up the most beautiful looking creme brulee I had ever was gorgeous as you can see. It was good, but not nearly as good as my brother used to make when he had his restaurant. I still have not found a creme brulee that is as good as his. Some have come close, but never the same! It may be a life long search...but when it comes to creme brulee I don't mind! LOL

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