Sunday, December 03, 2006

A gift to the community

Every year the church we attend lovingly maintains and presents to the community a life size nativity scene that is called Christmas Island. This beautiful creation was the handwork of a man in Olympia who created and maintained these figures. Each year they were floated on an island (actually a barge) in the middle of Capital Lake near the Washington State Capitol Bldg. People came from miles around to view this marvelous display.

Several years ago, the family of the man who created this masterpiece were unable to continue with the cost and time of maintaining this display, and so offered it to our church. We now set it up outside our building the first weekend of December and it is lit every night until the weekend after Christmas. People still come from miles around to enjoy the scene, and lovingly reminisce with their children.."I remember when Christmas Island was really an island..."

Last night we had the official lighting of Christmas Island, and while it is not nearly so wonderful as in person, I hope you enjoy the glimpse of our gift to the community, preserving the past, and presenting the good news of the Nativity.
Later Note: As Amy Sue reminded me, Christmas Island was on display for many years in the corner of the parking lot at a local mall. I believe the owners of the mall helped pay the expenses of maintainence and the electricity. Then the mall was closed, and it was after that the family of the man who created it offered it to our church.


Mom said...

The picture are nice, Connie. We will drive down and see it sometime while we are home.

Von said...

Oh, Connie, what a marvelous gift to your city! It's truly a remarkable display. :)

Amy Sue said...

Very pretty. Weren't they in Lacey behind southsound mall for a while to? Or am I remembering something else?

Karen said...

What a beautiful gift for your community to enjoy! I can imagine how gorgeous it is in real life! :)

AnneS said...

Oh wow, that nativity set is incredible - I love it. Thanks so much for sharing it with us :D