Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oh the weather outside is frightful....

I guess I can't escape the fact any longer that it is almost winter. We were greeted with a smattering of snow this morning when we got out of bed. There is still some kind of moisture coming down from the sky, but I can't really tell if it is tiny rain or snow. My thermometer says it is 34 degrees F (I think about 1 degree C) so it still could be a frozen rain. Good day to stay inside and stitch. Of course, we have church, then lunch, and I get the privilege of seeing my DD#1 and Granddaughter this afternoon too.

Lizzie just informed me it is rain. The snow is not melting though.

I spent most of our long holiday weekend in front of the television stitching. I had a hankering for good Christmas movies all weekend, but the television networks weren't cooperating until last night. I watched a couple of corny Santa family movies, but as I was stitching a Santa for a Christmas gift, it fit the bill just fine. Tomorrow is back to work.

Which reminds me, I still LOVE my new job. Did anyone see in the papers that a couple of airline attendants were fired for disclosing on their blogs which airline they worked for? Hmmm. I wonder if I should go back and delete some entries from last fall, just to be safe???

Santa is coming along nicely...hope to have him finished today.


Mom said...

The picture of the smow is beautiful, but be sure it is all gone before we get home, will you?

I like your Santa.

Karen said...

I love the music you set up. What a great idea. :) It put me in the Christmas spirit. Your Santa looks great! I hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving weekend. :)

Von said...

Sounds like your Thanksgiving weekend was much more relaxing than mine, lol! Perhaps it's just the effect the music had on me while reading your post. :D