Saturday, December 09, 2006

Another week closer to Christmas!

It's been a busy week at our house. I have started a little Christmas shopping and decorating, but just haven't felt like putting much time into it yet. I did have two quick finishes this week...the Santa design I showed partially finished two weeks ago, and another sweet design. I found it in the online magazine, the December issue of The Gift of Stitching had some free ornaments, and this one called Catch a Falling Flake caught my eye. I put a silver snowflake charm on it instead of stitching the big snowflakes. I am really pleased with the way it turned out. We are having a cubicle decorating contest at work, so I have decorated my cubicle in snowflakes and snowbabies, and this ornament fit perfectly with my theme. It now graces my

computer monitor! I need to remember to take a picture!

I am working on a small ornament for a Christmas gift called Snow Faces by Just Nan...I'll post a picture next time..I don't have enough finished yet to look at!!!

Another busy week awaits...tomorrow all the ladies from church are meeting at Olive Garden for a Christmas celebration. Tuesday Lizzie has piano lessons, and my holiday party at work. Thursday is my hubby's company party, and Friday I will babysit Alana while Amy and Max are at Max's company party. Then Saturday is a party at church...and on it goes. And sometime in there I need to finish my shopping!!! Thank goodness the weather has mellowed out, and is not being an obstacle like last month!!


Von said...

Running frantic from place to place seems to happen a lot in December! Even if it's all for fun, it's tiring. Hope the weather holds for you. :) We never got the freezing rain last week that was forecasted, and today is almost warm, she says gleefully! :D

Enjoy the week and the blessings of work, friends, and family.

AnneS said...

Beautiful ornies - I especially adore the JN one, love that Santa face :D Enjoy your busy weekend :)