Friday, November 10, 2006

Yellow Snow

Sounds awful, doesn't it!!!
I had gotten to the snow portion of my First Snow stitching, and used the thread called for by the pattern. Ugh. The pattern calls for Weeks thread "Whitewash". But as you can see (I hope), it looks like a puppy used the tree for doing his duty, and the falling snow looks horrid. I will ripping out these stitches tonight and redoing them in DMC white white!!! You can see the spaces in the branches where the bird buttons will go. Except for the snow, I am very pleased with this piece.

I realized last night that Christmas is about 45 days away, and I had planned on doing some stitching (small pieces) for Christmas presents...ooops, guess I better get busy!!! I have pulled the designs out to inspire me to get going. I am going to do a couple of small Just Nan designs for family members...(Jolly Old Elf and Snow Faces, if you are so inclined to go look them up). I probably won't post pix as I am not sure who will be reading this blog!!! LOL!

I upgraded my blog to the new version of Blogger a few minutes ago, and it only took about 2 seconds to upload this picture. I hope that this means it will be much easier to use than the old version!!!


Amy Sue said...

Hehe...It does look like pee! It looks like it'll be really cute when you're done though!

AnneS said...

Your yellow snow cracks me up ... reminds me of stories from my skiing days ;) Other than that it's looking good :D

Rachael said...

Very pretty-well exept for the yellow snow :-) I have seen that you have had tons of rain and floodingup in your area- I hope all is well with you.

Mom said...

Your new blog was here when I got up this morning. However, the snow isn't yellow, it's more of a pale pink close to the trunk.

Anyway, it's nice. I like it.

Von said...

I agree that yellow snow has to go!

I'm trying to get into Christmas mode, at least mentally, but it's really difficult. If only I could put the world into slow motion, and myself into hyper drive, I could knock off all those items on my to do list! :D