Sunday, November 12, 2006

Finished, this time with clean snow!!!

I finished up First Snow this evening, a couple days longer than I planned, but I am much more happy with the results. I picked out the yellow snow, and restitched it all in Anchor White #1. Much, much better!

We are in for another bad storm tonight, so they are telling us, with winds up to 60 mph. This has certainly been a November to remember weather wise! At least it is almost half over!

Amy has a new post on her blog...check it out!!! In the mean time here is a pix of Alana we took last week at one of her favorite activities, playing the piano!! I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that she will be a year old next Tuesday!!

Well, I am off to pull the threads for a couple Christmas gifts, have a great week everyone!


AnneS said...

The snow definitely does look much better - I love the birdies in the tree, very very cute :D

Amy Sue said...

The tree is so cute, I love the way it came together. I can't believe Alana is going to be a year either? Does them growing up ever get easier....Or just harder?

Von said...

The wind hit us hard early early Monday morning with some gusts of 60 mph, but this time with no damage to us personally. Some did lose power, a few trees down, etc.

Loved seeing all the pics of little Alana. That first birthday comes much too quickly!

The Anchor white looks so much better, Connie. Congrats on a cute finish!