Saturday, September 09, 2006

Stress reducers

When your emotions are in a turmoil, what do you do to find relief?

I have tried shopping. I have tried eating comfort foods. But time and time again I come back to two tried and true relievers....

Pulling weeds



I had a great disappointment happen last night that I cannot share publicly, tho those nearest and dearest are aware of it. And all I want to do today is pull weeds and stitch. I think I will do just that!!!

John has promised to put the metal roofing and maybe the door on the shed today. Here is the picture I promised from last time. This picture is a little old, as there is plywood and tar paper on top of the rafters now awaiting the metal roofing!!! Maybe the lawn mower will get to spend the winter in it's new home!!

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Von said...

It's amazing how physical work can re-establish inner peace. And the yard ends up looking better too! :D

The wind has kicked up today and the air is filled with dust. Yuk. I'm looking forward to some cooler days so I can get back outside and work on my side yard again. Temps in the 90s just don't energize me. :D

Lots of hugs for you, Connie!!