Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Busy couple of weeks....

It's been busy around here, and I haven't even taken time to stitch much at all. The weekend of the 24th I spoke for one session at our church's women's retreat...what a great time with a wonderful group of ladies at a beautiful place. Here is a picture of the grounds from the bedroom I stayed in...and a shot of the front of the "house" we were in. It's such a gorgeous place, Falls Creek, about 1.5 hours southwest of my home. I was busy preparing my talk the days before, so didn't do any stitching.

This last weekend was Labor Day weekend here in the States and Canada....Monday was a day off from work. Saturday I spent deep cleaning my kitchen and doing errands. On Sunday, on a whim, we decided we wanted to go for a drive, so decided to head up toward Mt. Rainier to see if we could find Von and her family where they were camping! We managed to find them without any trouble, and enjoyed the next 6 hours catching up with old friends! It was great fun to see them, and the old growth forest was sooooo quiet!!! Absolutely gorgeous! We didn't even leave for home until 10:15 PM and arrived home just after midnight! It was a treat to see Von without having to drive for 5 hours, and such a fun surprise too!

Monday my immediate family in town met at my brother's house on Lake St. Claire for a barbeque...the weather was perfect, and Alana had her first exposure to wading in the lake. We thought she would cry over the cold water, but she sat right down and started splashing her hands...she had a great time. Amy has some better pictures on her camera, hopefully she will get them posted soon.

John is still plugging away on the shed, and is putting on the roof now. Blogger has decided I have posted enough pictures today I guess, as it won't let me upload one of the shed. Oh well, you'll have to take my word for it!! GRIN>

Fall is definitely in the air here in the Pacific Northwest. Some of the trees have started to turn color and the asters are in bloom, the sun is lower in the sky casting longer shadows, and the air is getting a bit crisp in the mornings, and still very warm in the afternoons. But I know that fall means that soon it will start raining again...this has been the driest summer since the 1960's, so the lawns are very brown, and the forest and brush fires are everywhere. We need the rain badly, so I won't complain about it for at least the first week!! LOL! I do love to stitch on a cozy rainy day tho...won't that be nice?

Maybe next time I will have some stitching progress to share...


Barbara said...

What an enjoyable post to read! Sounds like your visit with Von was really a treat, and I love the little picture of Alana wading in the pond. Our kids are also real waterbabies.

Von said...

Your retreat center looks very inviting, Connie! I wouldn't mind exploring a VSCyberstitcher weekend there. :)

Alana's having lots of fun in the water. The day was warm, I'm sure the lake felt wonderful to her. :D