Saturday, September 09, 2006

So, okay, now I am exhausted!

I spent 3 hours working my tail off outside...mowed the lawn, pulled weeds, cut back the overgrown grape vine and moved all the debris in front of the shed to the back of the shed. Pictures here to show what I have accomplished. The big pile of brush in the left of the picture is what came out of beside the shed!!! I took the picture of the shed from the upstairs window so that you can see the new roof that John just finished putting on!!!

So, now I will shower, if I can I am tired! Then I need to run an errand, then back home to stitch! Emotionally I am feeling a little better. I should. After all that work!!! GRIN.

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Von said...

Whoa,Connie! No wonder you're so sore and tired! The yard looks great tho. :D And the shed has a roof - hurray!

This morning we have no wind and the sky looks more clear than it has for several weeks. Very peaceful. :)