Saturday, March 04, 2006

A very productive day!

After sleeping in this morning till 8 AM, I was up and out of the house by 10 and travelled up to Puyallup for the Sewing and Stitching Expo!! Me and about every other lady who lives in a 50 mile radius. Goodness there were a LOT of people there. I just browsed through the vendors, with my eyes searching for stitching things! There were only about 4 booths with stitching items, but I found some real treasures. In Martha Pullen's booth, they had a large selection of children's clothes already sewed, with banding for smocking already pleated. I was so delighted! I had been wanting to do some smocking for Alana, but didn't want to do it all from scratch. So now I just need to find a couple patterns I like. I found a very sweet bishops dress in blue, and a darling white dress.

I also picked up a Flower Frame Kit ( Stoney Creek), Surf and Sand b y Northern Pine Designs, and several patterns by a lady I had never heard of before, Mary Vandenberg of Elegant Needle Designs. The pictures on the patterns do not do them justice, they had them all made up, and they are gorgeous. I chose 6 that I liked the best. The shop owner said this was a friend of hers, very talented, but she had had a stroke and is no longer able to design. It's very sad, because she is very talented! Regretfully, Lorri Birmingham was not in attendance this year. I had looked forward to snagging some of her kits.

I also framed up Honeysuckle Rose into my clock. I am very pleased with it!

Then I came home and worked in the yard for several hours. We hired a couple guys to come do the winter clean up and spread bark on all the beds, so I did some fine tuning, and John mowed the lawn. It sure looks nice, hopefully the bark will keep the weeds down!

Then this evening, I struggled for a few hours getting my son-in-law's laptop hooked up to the router so that I could use it for email in other rooms of the house when the family was playing games. What a chore, but after several calls to the internet support people, I finally had success.

I will try and get some pictures of the yard tomorrow to post.

SPRING is in the air! It was shirt sleeve weather today!


Von said...

I think MP just came out with the all ready to smock line. How about silk ribbon - did you find any?? Too bad Lorri wasn't there. :(
HR looks just fabulous in the clock! Gotta run and get ready for church, lol!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Connie, sounds like you had a busy day. Your clock is beautiful.


Anne S said...

HR looks awesome in the clock - great job! :D And I'm drooling over your Northern Pines chart ... I saw that on one of the ONS sites and fell in love - can't wait to see you stitch this one up! :D Your other designs look lovely too :)

Anonymous said...

Mary has a couple of books out that Stoney Creek Published. There use to be a great LNS in St. Louis, Mich. and we were there once when there was a trunck show of her work. Wonderful stuff.

mainely stitching said...

Sounds like a busy but very rewarding day.

Anonymous said...

I love Mary vandenBerg Designs! I have many of her samplers and many patterns yet to do!