Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wet and Wild Wednesday

We have had a wild day weather wise today. Buckets of rain and a hard wind. Winter's last gasp, I suppose, just to make sure we know that spring officially is still 2 weeks away. Amazingly, the flowering plums held onto most of their lovely pink blossoms, so the storm didn't totally chase away spring! I mentioned in my last entry that I would post a picture of my yard after the fine landscapers had finished their work. It looks bare with no leaves on anything, but oh so neat and pretty.

I came home for lunch today, and Alli was giving Alana a bath in the sink. The look on her face as she was lowered into the water was hilarious! I wish my camera had been turned on. A mixture of pure disbelief and "what are you doing". So I grabbed my camera and took a few pix. She even got her hair blow dried when she was done!

So this evening I get to stitch. Von has actually gotten ahead of me in the Shepherd's Bush stitch along we are doing, but I hope to get caught up tonight. Wishful thinking? Probably!!!


Amy Sue said...

Isn't it funny how she likes her hair to get blow dried? Yard looks great mom. I finally got that pic of Alana on my blog, but it won't let me add a second one now. Don't worry too much about the orny mom- you've still got quite a bit of time until the end of the month. If you do one a month, you can have twelve done by Christmas.

Von said...

You'll be ahead of me in no time, Con!! Today is my day to stitch on the Spot of Summer SAL, and I grabbed my P to work on during the congregational meeting. If I have any time at all, I'll be stitching on Spot until the weekend.
Love seeing the pics of Alana!! What a lucky gramma to come home and see dgd!
I have forgotten to tell you that my friend Joyce is a gramma now! They just got back from their first trip to see the baby - Asa Paul. Daughter Zoae and her dh live in Bellingham now.
What a wild day you've all had over there!

Lili said...

Alana is an absolute cutie! Thanks for sharing!
Your clock looks great, I love it!
Take care!

Barbara said...

What sweet pictures of your daughter and granddaughter. Alana looks like such an incredibly alert baby!