Saturday, March 11, 2006

I always have the best intentions...

but Saturdays always seem to get away from me. I was going to stay home and stitch all day, but as you can guess, I have yet to pick up my needle and it is time to fix dinner!! I feel like I got lots accomplished, just not what I had planned!! We got our tickets bought and hotel paid for to go to Disneyland on April 21st!!! Now we are really getting excited!

This week's weather was really awful. One of the young men at work reminded us of the nursery rhyme for March, "in like a lion, out like a lamb" We have certainly had our share of Lion's weather this week. It even snowed a couple days...very unusual for March. This is the first time since 1995 that it has snowed in March!

I have made some small progress on the Shepherd's Bush ornament, I was able to put in some stitches on Thursday evening. I think I may have caught up with Von unless she has stitched today!!! I picked up the newest issue of Sew Beautiful at Barnes and Noble last night as it has some darling smocking patterns in it. I think I will actually use these patterns, so it qualified as a legitimate magazine purchase!!! (see entry from last week regarding magazines).

Well, we get to keep Alana overnight tonight, that will be lots of fun! It's her daddy's (Max) birthday today, so we will watch her while the older "kids" go out and celebrate!! Happy Birthday Max!

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Von said...

You're ahead of me now, Con! I didn't pick up the SB orn today. :D Did stitch a little today tho.
You've had more snow than we've had this year!! We've had a really great winter, very mild over all and the mountains have lots of snow. Now we'll have to pray it doesn't all melt at once!
Lucky gramma to babysit baby!! Have fun. :D