Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another Finish!

I have finished stitching the 2002 Shepherd's Bush ornament!!! Actually, I finished it on Sunday evening, but haven't been home long enough before tonight to get it scanned and posted. AND, I have actually started the 2003 ornament too. Not much progress yet, but at least I have started! I have really enjoyed doing several small projects and having the satisfaction of getting them done!!!

I have also discovered an online stitching magazine called The Gift of Stitching, you might want to check it out!!! I am enjoying the articles, and even better, I don't have to go to the store to pick it up!! Click on the link on the sidebar if you are interested in checking it out!

I am looking forward to receiving some smocking patterns that I ordered online. I can hardly wait to start smocking on the little dresses I got for Alana. I hope that they come soon! I really need to pull out my practice swatch and do a few smocking stitches before I start! It's been 22 years since I have done any smocking, when my oldest daughter (Alana's Mom) was a toddler! It's been a long time!!!


Von said...

Wow! Well done Connie! I haven't touched mine since my last photo. Been doing some cleaning, then going to bed early, oh yes, and Gary and I have been going to the gym in the morning. Think it's all zapping me!
Several of the bloggers have subscribed to the online mag. I'm just not sure I need more encouragement, lol!

Lili said...

Beautiful finish! Congrats!

AnneS said...

Your latest SB ornie looks great - congrats on another happy dance! :D