Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Out like a lamb....

I was gently reminded by Von yesterday that I haven't made a new post here in too many days. She is right. She also gently reminded me that I have been missed in blogland. Ahh, thank you. That made me feel good....it's good for the soul to have good friends!!!

It's been two weeks since my last post mainly because I had not made any great progress on any of my projects that I could talk about, and life has been relatively bland the last two weeks. What does one talk about when life is good, but routine? So, I offer up this picture of the sunrise outside my kitchen window last week...March came in like a lion (with bitter wind and snow) and is now behaving very lamblike!!!

Good things coming in my life:
*This Friday I meet up with Von, Thea and 3 other Victoria Sampler cyberstitchers in Bellevue for a weekend of fun, visiting and stitching!
*My parents will be home from snowbirding in Arizona on Sunday.
*Amy's 24th birthday is the Sunday after that.
*I start a two week vacation from work on the next Friday.
*The next Sunday is Easter, Resurrection Day, and our family get-together.
*We leave for 8 days at Disneyland/California the Friday after that.

So maybe this next month I will actually have something interesting to talk about!! LOL!


Von said...

Connie, what a beautiful scene to wake up to in the morning!
April is shaping up to be a busy one for you! You'll definitely be blogging lots more. :D
Not long now till we'll be in Bellevue!! Can't wait.

Amy Sue said...

Just in case, by some freak happening- I don't talk to you before you leave Friday-Have fun!!! And, yes, my birthday is a good thing. Happy birthday to me...:)