Monday, November 07, 2005

A quiet weekend

This was a nice quiet weekend which I enjoyed very much. I purposely tried to do as little as possible. I even got some stitching done. I EVEN finished the piece I was stitching on!!! Not that it was anything huge or involved but just the fact that I finished a piece was extremely gratifying! I had been promising my new son-in-law that I would finally put his name on his Christmas stocking, so that has been done! Yippee!! As I was stitching tho, I realized that my soon to be born granddaughter will be here for Christmas too. I guess I better keep going! Next Friday is Veteran's Day, and the office is closed, so I hope to relax and stitch that day also, if we aren't in the midst of seeing Alana being born!

1 comment:

Von said...

Hi Con! The stockings look great!

So, did you have a wonderful day off Friday? I know you didn't update your blog, lol!