Saturday, October 29, 2005

Back to Reality...

Ahh, Maui was magical, marvelous, mountainous, and any other descriptive word you can think of beginning with "M". After our initial shock at how different it was than Oahu, we quickly settled in to falling in love with the place. I never experienced that feeling on Oahu, tho I think the beaches and turquoise water at Oahu are much prettier. But Maui has captured me. We even bought a time share condo, fee simple, so we own it forever. Now we will always have an excuse to go back. As if I need an excuse!!! Pictures are posted on my picture page, see the link in the left column. I spent many hours on this beach in this picture. I hated to leave. I will go back!

I did not do any stitching at all. I never even felt the hankering to take it out of the bag. Pretty unusual for me. I found a small stitching shop in Lahaina, but they had mainly Hawaiian quilting and needlepoint supplies. I bought a small kit for a Hawaiian quilting design (potholder size) that will be pretty when done.

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Von said...

Welcome home, Connie and John!! So glad you loved it there and hope it becomes a special retreat for you in the future. Hope reentry to reality isn't too big a shock for you:)

Love, Von