Friday, October 21, 2005

Hawaii here we come!

We are packing madly...and plan on leaving the house at 6:00 AM for our week on Maui. Boy, am I ever ready to have a vacation! It is really nice to have Chris and Alli staying here taking care of the cats and the house. We won't have to worry about anything. It didn't really hit me that we were leaving until this morning at work. I had a very hard time focusing on things I needed to do.
We had a baby shower for Amy last night. She received so many nice things. Here is a pic of my girls, my mom and my sister Nancy. With baby Alana, it is 4 generations pictured. My grandmothers both passed away before I had children, so these 4 generations are very special to me. We will have to have a very nice one done when the baby is born. Alana is the first daughter, of a first daughter (Amy), of a first daughter (Connie), of a first daughter (my mom, Marge). So this baby really is special. (Too bad my maternal grandmother was a second child!!)

I have been trying to decide for two weeks what stitching project to take with me to Hawaii. I didn't want anything big and bulky, so that ruled out my projects on stretcher bars. I had a hankering to some hardanger with variegated thread, probably my very favorite thing to stitch, so I pulled out an old pattern from Emie Bishop of one of her small Christmas hardanger angels. EXCEPT I am going to stitch her in Waterlilies "Parfait". Pink and lavendar and all sorts of lucious color. This will be a fun experiment to see how my parfait angel turns out! Last time we went to Hawaii I took along an angel pattern from Thea, so I am into angels when I travel I guess!!

Aloha, and talk to you in a week.

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Von said...

What a wonderful picture of all you girls!! And what a line of first daughters!! Mine is very short - me, then Mystie, end of story :)

Looking forward to seeing a finished project when you get back! Sleep, relax, ENJOY!!! Love you, Von