Monday, October 17, 2005

I wish I could think of a catchy title...

but my brain just won't come up with anything wonderful. It's been two weeks since my last post, but I feel like I really don't have much to talk about. Life has been very busy, but nothing very extraordinary has been going on. The ladies group at our church had a baby shower for Amy last Saturday, and she received some very sweet things. I am having a shower here for her at my house on Thursday...not very sure when I will have the time to get ready for it!!! Then Friday night I will be packing like mad as we are leaving very early Saturday morning for Maui. I can hardly wait to hit the beach with my sunscreen and book.

I haven't done any stitching in two weeks. I haven't felt like doing any stitching in two weeks!! I have been printing pictures off and on for the wedding scrapbook, and last Saturday I made a "Tag book" with an autumn theme. It turned out really cute, I'd like to make some more with other themes. I downloaded some pictures from the internet of fall leaves and trees and pumpkins, etc. and used those with lots of autumn stickers, sayings and papers. It was gratifying to get a whole project done in less than two hours! I need to decide on a project to take with me to Hawaii, but nothing seems to fit my fancy right now.

I have cross stitched Christmas stockings with names for my three girls in years past, and when Max joined the family I stitched one for him too. The last two years Christopher (Alli's new hubby) has had to make do with a blank stocking...I had told him I would stitch his name when they actually got married! So he is not letting me forget that this year he gets his name on his stocking!!! I guess I had better get busy if I am to be true to my word!!!! I wonder how many strange looks I would get if I did Christmas stitching on a hot day in Maui!! LOL!

Amy was back in the hospital today with contractions. She is at 33 1/2 weeks now, so they gave her 2 shots of terbutiline (Spelling?) to stop the contractions and ordered her to bed for the next two weeks. After that, they are going to let nature run it's course. The poor girl is getting quite uncomfortable now, so she is feeling ready to have the baby anytime. I hope that she waits until we get back from Hawaii!!

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Von said...

So glad to see a new blog entry, Connie!! I've missed you terribly! I will be praying feverishly that Amy stays off her feet for the next two weeks at least, and that precious baby stays put until you're back home and resettled from your vacation. You need that time on the beach, every single second you can, to drain the stress and recharge to full capacity.