Sunday, November 13, 2005

Quiet Rainy weekend

A friend gently reminded me that I had not updated my blog this weekend. So I am here to update. Thank you Von.

This has been a very quiet weekend. No baby has been born yet, so we are still hoping it will be very soon. I actually pulled out a WIP yesterday, and got a little done on it...A is for Angel now has a couple more rows done. I had stitched the little A's over one in the armadillo row, and took them out again. The thread Thea used did not show up on my darker fabric, I could hardly see the little stitches to make sure they were crossed! I need something darker that will show up well on the dark fabric, but haven't made a final decision what to use. Dark green maybe.

I've spent a lot of time in front of the TV this weekend stitching and watching DVD's. I feel rested and ready for work this week. My direct supervisor has quit and moved to San Diego, (to be nearer his family) so I am going to apply for his job. I hope that I get this promotion, I am ready for more responsibility. I was asked to function as "lead" while they are going through the decision process. I hope that is a good sign!!!

We have had rainy cold weather here in the Pacific Northwest all weekend. I am wishing I could just bop over to Maui for a few hours to get warmed up again. John and I both realized how much less our bodies hurt while we were there...I think that we may end up being snow birds in about 14 years from now. If we can feel it at our ages now, I can only imagine how it will affect us in the future!!!

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Von said...

I'll be praying this promotion will go through for you - that would be awesome!!
We had a little rain here Sat. nite and I grabbed my coat leaving for church. Got out the door and realized it was pretty warm! It's been cold here in the morning (30s), so 50 seemed quite lovely :) That, along with some sunshine, has me feeling quite well again.