Sunday, January 08, 2012

I sort of had it in my mind to create a post everyday this month.  I am thankful I didn't publish such a notion, for today I would surely be eating certainly gets in the way of my best laid plans occasionally.  Dad is doing better, and we hope to have him home this week, the sooner the better if you ask any of us.  It's been a rough 10 days all around.  I spent a couple of nights keeping Mom company earlier this weekend, and managed to get a good start on a promotional design for a large needlework retreat that I design for every year.  I am excited about how it is turning out, it is the fourth annual needle book design in the series!

I take my own needlework retreat, alone, at least once every year and get away for a few days to work on my designs and the "business" end of Lacey Thread Designs.  This last August, right after Amy and Chad's wedding, I traveled up to my parent's cabin near the Canadian border and spent four lovely days stitching and working and walking and enjoying nature.  

 It is always so gorgeous up at the cabin in the summer, I sure wish we lived closer to be able to get up there more often!  I always get so much accomplished when I am away from the demands of "home", and the knowledge I have gotten so much done is very refreshing.

When I was in sixth grade and just turning 12 years old, my class spent a day "in the woods" learning "conservation", basically plant and tree identification.  At the end of our trip we were given a Ponderosa Pine seedling to take home, and mine was ultimately planted at the it is 45 years later, huge and finally flourishing.  It was a bit crowded when it was "young" by the other fir trees surrounding it, but now that it is as tall or taller than the firs it is finally looking majestic.  I love my tree, and I go have a visit with it every time I make it up there!

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Von said...

So glad your dad is getting better. Praying for you all as you work together in his recovery and that it will be swift!! Hugs!