Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I love it when something that is "meant just for me" happens to land in my lap, unsought and unbidden.  Today I ran into Michael's craft store to grab a ball of DMC Perle cotton, and I decide on a whim to quickly peruse the 75% off Christmas items aisle.  Less than 2 feet into the aisle I look down, and there is this book:

cozily sharing a shelf with mismatched Christmas whatnot's!  I picked it up, thinking, "Wow, this is out of place". My next thought after flipping quickly through it was "Wow, I am going to take this home!"  I started reading it this evening, jumping around and perusing the parts that looked interesting.  While most of the tips I am already familiar with, the author shares her favorite blogs, podcasts and handmade item businesses that will be a valuable resource.  My only regret, I could have gotten it for $5 less on Amazon!

John and I spent Labor Day weekend at the cabin and drove up to Mt. Baker one gorgeous afternoon.  There was still 17 feet of snow left on the upper road from last winter, so we were unable to drive clear to the top parking lot to enjoy a view of Mt. Baker, but Mt. Shuksan was out in all it's glory.  Did you know that this is most photographed mountain in the world?  Isn't it absolutely incredible? I love living in the Pacific Northwest!

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