Friday, April 22, 2011


I get so wrapped up in Facebook. Addicted really. I find I use it as my primary means of communication, even with family. I rarely send emails anymore. Phone calls are even rarer. Personal messages on Facebook are so easy and no switching between programs!

I have found that I sometimes forget, totally, that I even have a blog. Until I run across something like this at the local Joannes store:
A beautiful (and expensive) 150 page "magazine" (I would call it a book actually) highlighting beautiful and artsy blogs. Of course, I snatched it up and brought it home...for inspiration I told myself. In actuality, it left me feeling woefully inadequate and un-artistic! Upon careful reading, it seems as if most of the featured bloggers don't do much with their lives except take beautiful pictures with expensive cameras and then write about them on their blogs. Yeah, I'm complaining, mainly because I am insanely jealous that I can't do the same.

What I need is a magazine that can inspire people who have an actual 8 to 5 job, plus are running their own small business, plus are raising children and managing a household. Now that is a magazine I would love to see! I love taking beautiful pictures, and I do have some really good ones. But I don't have the time to fiddle with Photoshop getting those pictures even better. Maybe in my next life called retirement???

Anyway, we have just returned from a long overdue vacation in paradise! We spent a week at our timeshare on Kahana beach on Maui...very soothing for my are a few of the best pictures from this trip. Hope you enjoy them. And I really have made a resolution to blog more! Promise!


A Little R&R said...

*grin* Don't I know. I feel the same way about mommy-blogs sometimes. I do what I can with my point-and-shoot and have fun with it. Likely their kids do all the computer stuff and they probably pay someone to do their blog design. lol!!!! So, don't feel bad. I didn't realize, until I really got into blogging, that most people pay someone to design their blogs for them. I have found a few ways to tweak my blog, because I don't want to waste precious money on something like that (just precious time, I guess. lol!)

Von said...

I bought one of those mags too awhile back, making me feel totally inadequate, lol! Lovely eye candy tho.

Gary had to get a new camera this week after the other one died at the end of the Pasco Invite. Of course, it's an upgrade in model and the quality of pics is amazing with no tweaking to be done. He stayed up way too late this morning reading the manual for today's meet in Hermiston, after getting in some practice at three other meets we've had this week. Life is pretty crazy around here right now.

Can't wait to leave town and see you!!

Connie Dunton said...

Yeah, I've seen those gorgeous professionally designed headers and backgrounds, but at $300 to $400 a pop, it seems a little silly to spend that kind of money on a free blog website!

I'm really looking forward to seeing you too Von!