Sunday, January 04, 2009

Back to Normal, I hope!

Well, the holidays are over. Things are beginning to return to normal, and I hope that they stay that way for awhile. Christmas was so "off" this year. Not bad, just different. Most everyone I talked to said Christmas was good, but it just didn't really seem like Christmas. I can only attribute it (at least in our home) to the fact that two weeks of deep snow and ice really put a damper on activities that make it seem like Christmas...driving around to look at Christmas lights, leisurely shopping, Christmas parties, Christmas Eve services were cancelled at most churches, etc. Add in being stuck at home, the birth of a new grandson, work being closed down, having less money to buy gifts, and the whole season just seemed a little subdued. I am thankful that our whole family was able to get together for Christmas dinner at Mom and Dad's home (23 of us this year!). It was a very nice Christmas and the grand kids loved opening all their gifts. This was our first White Christmas in many many years.

Baby Silas is doing very well, two weeks old now, and starting to put a little weight on. Alana loves to hold him too, Gracie just gets mad if her mom (Amy) holds him...jealousy I think!!! Is there such a thing as sibling rivalry in first cousins??? LOL!!

I have been working a bit here and there when I can on another new design, one I had started some time ago, and put away because...I don't know why. I think I didn't like it anymore, but now I do...and it is coming right along. The working title of it is Beyond the Garden Gate...and has a hardanger fence in front of an embroidery garden. (see preview picture in the sidebar). No ribbon embroidery, just floss in this one, and I am pleased with the results. We have begun the process of the layout for Sunglow Memories and My Child's Heart...just have to finish writing the directions and they will be off to the printer!!!
Happy New Year everyone!


Von said...

Our Christmas was different this year as Jim, Paula and two boys didn't get to come up (Andrew came up with my sister). Paula has been having some pain in her pelvic/lower back and undergoing lots of biopsies and tests, one on the afternoon of Christmas Eve. Add in the road factor and they decided to lessen their stress and stay home. They finally received a diagnosis of plasmacytoma that is treated with radiation and has an excellent result - praise God!

So it was quieter around here, but we all managed to have a great time. :)

Love seeing the pics of little Silas, esp. with Alana, lol!

Denise said...

Wow...I could just eat that Silas right up...HOW SWEET IS THAT...cute, cute, cute and so precious!!!

Denise in Akron, Ohio