Monday, December 22, 2008

Enough already!!!

It has been snowing here for over a week now. By the looks of the amount of snow accumulating on the outdoor tables and birdbath (see picture) we have well over a foot of the white stuff. We cannot drive our cars as the snow is too deep and the city is unable to plow our neighborhood streets so we can get to the main roads. John rode the bus to work today, a first in our lives, and my office is completely shut down.(there are over 1000 people in my building). The State government has shut down. Schools, thankfully, are on Christmas break. The forecast is for more snow and more snow through the end of the week. It's pretty rare for us to have this much snow for this long, guess this is only the third time since they started keeping track. The last times were in 1949 and 1969. I do remember in 1989 having lots of snow for a few days, and being housebound....but not for this long. Hmmm, it is almost 2009. Interesting 20 year pattern here.

Pretty boring post for anyone not living here in the Pacific Northwest. Sorry. But I feel the need to record this for my history if nothing else.

Looks like we wont be "dreaming" of a white Christmas this year. It will be a reality!!!


mainely stitching said...

Here's hoping you stay warm and dry! :)

Von said...

We have snow and cold, but you probably have 4-5 inches more than we have. I've been watching NW Cable News to see how ya'll are doing over there. Didn't realize how much had shut down!

Spokane has three feet of snow now, but of course, they're prepared for storms like this. :D All is running pretty steady here. With no ice to deal with it's not too bad.

Stay warm and have a merry, safe, Christmas!!

Doris said...

Happy new year,
and i hope you and your family stay warm and safe in this snowy time.