Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Life has been busy. Guess it goes without saying. I have been plugging away on all the things that have been on my plate...studying for my insurance exam, creating a blog for Lacey Thread Designs, stitching and designing, design layout, cleaning house, working full time, etc. It's been a busy two weeks, or three. I've lost count!!!

I discovered when you have more than one blog on Blogger, you can't have the same sign in and use different profiles in the side bar. Kinda of a strange thing to discover. I didn't want the profile on the new blog to be quite so personal. Oh well.

I discovered Facebook. I am discovering long lost friends on Facebook. What a nice surprise!!! See the link in my sidebar. Facebook is sooooo much more grown up and sophisticated than My Space. I have a page on My Space, but only to keep track of other people. I like Facebook. I don't really like My Space, it is so cluttered and busy.

We discovered that the new grand baby will most likely be a boy!!! What a change that will be for this family of all girls!!! I'm thinking blue, blue, blue!!!!

We spent the day at Ocean Shores, WA, a couple weeks ago. A huge tree stump with all the roots still attached had washed up on shore during a large storm since last summer when we were there. The picture above is just a small part of the roots. It's a very impressive stump!! Lizzie and her friend Sabrina had fun walking around. We sat out of the wind and enjoyed watching the ocean. I love being at the ocean, life's stresses seem to fall into less stressful places when I am at the ocean, and it brings healing to sore emotions, and hope for the future. It sort of puts all things in my life into perspective.
So, I am off to create my first post on my new blog, Lacey Thread Designs!!

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Von said...

A BOY!! How exciting for all of you!!