Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Last night John and I found ourselves home alone with no children or grandchildren, so we decided to go check out the (fairly) new Cabela's store in Lacey. What an adventure! Cabela's is a hunting, camping, hunting, fishing, hunting, boating, hunting, kayaking (did I mention hunting?) store, that is quite a destination store. Meaning, people come to your town specifically to shop at this store. It was incredible inside. The whole center of the interior is a museum of every kind of animal (and then some) that you could think of...including a very large aquarium, a large display of African animals, a waterfall, and even an airplane hanging from the ceiling. They have a special restaurant, a general store, a fishing gear store, a hunting rifle store, a clearance store, meeting rooms, tents, and boats. It's like a mall all enclosed in one large building. We spent about an hour wandering around looking at all the exhibits and a bit of the merchandise, then had dinner in the restaurant. So here are some pictures. Pretty cool place, even if you are not into hunting or fishing or camping or hunting or boating...did I mention hunting??? LOL! (For the record, we do NOT like hunting. John likes to fish, catch and release. We both like to kayak and hope to have one someday, and we are always looking for neat things to put in our trailer.)

Elk and deer and even a moose!

Part of the African display. What a gorgeous elephant!

Checking out the trout in the aquarium.

The airplane swoops down over the shoppers.

Talking over life with the walrus.


Stitchingranny said...

wow what a store - hope you enjoyed your meal.

Lelia said...

Funny you should be posting pics of that store. One opened about 1/2 hour drive from here -- i just figured it was boring stuff. Will have to go check it out ... soon : ) Thx for sharing