Monday, July 07, 2008

A sweet finish and more pictures of Long Beach

When we were getting ready to leave for Long Beach last week, I decided to grab a crocheted baby sweater I had started a couple of years ago when Alana was newborn and had never finished. I figured if Gracie was going to be able to wear it at all I had better get on the ball and finish it. It only took me about 3 hours of work, in the car and in the motel room, to finish the crocheting. I sewed the buttons on when we got home. Amy loved it, and it fits Gracie too! Amy said, Mom, I didn't know you could make things like this!! I'm still surprising her!!! GRIN!
Here are a couple of more pictures we took on Sunday morning near Long Beach, the light house and the view from the light house. What an incredible view. This is looking south toward the Columbia River (on the other side of the long dark jetty in the center of the picture) and Oregon on the far side of the river. The little tiny specks you can see on the sand are people!!

You may notice that these last three posts are all dated the same day. I uploaded the pictures for three posts on the same day, since Blogger was being kind and letting me upload pix without too many tears, so I uploaded and saved the posts as drafts until I could come back and add some words. For some reason Blogger thinks that the draft save is the same as publish post. I can't figure how to change the date! Sorry for any confusion!

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