Monday, July 07, 2008

A Blast from the Past....

While digging through my linen closet the other day I came across these pillowcases that I had embroidered when I was in high school...circa 1970. I decided to put them on our bed pillows, the first time they have ever been used. Almost 40 years in the hope chest without being used is pathetic. They are so old that the pattern and colors are once again in vogue. I even crocheted the matching lace edging to match the embroidery. I am embarrassed to look too closely at my stitches...not exactly up to my standards now, but not bad for a beginner!!!

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matchbox20girl said...

Wow! These are the colors & the design..I've been scouring the local thrift stores in hopes that I'll find something like this--and to think you had your very own vintage cases right there! lol Thanks for stopping by my blog..can't wait to see updates about your Shasta, too...unfortunately I made the difficult decision to part with mine, but I'll have another one someday soon!

Now I need to go find some berries to eat after reading your blog! lol