Friday, May 16, 2008

I never intended to be away so long...

But somehow life kept getting in the way. I have one more post about Victoria that I want to write, I have a very special announcement to make, I need to show off my Mother's Day gift, and talk about what very little stitching I have accomplished in the last two weeks. Arggghhh. Where to start?

On to local news, the weather has turned gorgeous and warm. It was in the mid 80's today here in Lacey...quite a nice change from the snow and rain and cold. There is a big surfing competition going on this weekend at Westport, about 45 miles directly west of here. The temps at the beach today were in the mid-90's, and the wind was blowing from inland, so it was really piling up some big waves. I don't think I have ever seen such big waves here in Washington except during a storm...the surfers were even actually surfing in the "pipe" or curl of the waves. Pretty neat looking.

Even with all our lousy weather, the flowers and flowering trees have been flourishing this spring, and I think it has been one of the loveliest springs that I can remember for blossoms. My yard is looking quite lovely. Thankfully the bark we put down last year has kept this years weeds to a minimum so we haven't had to spend too many hours sprucing up, which is a good thing since it has been too cold and wet to work outside much.

Von, this one is for you...this is the little flowering plant you brought me last year when you came to visit. It's doing really well this year right by the front door and I admire it everytime I go in or out:

We have a large hole in our side yard waiting for the septic cleaning truck to come. We didn't realize that there would be a three week waiting list for this service or we wouldn't have dug the hole so soon. I just hope we don't get a deluge of rain between now and then or we will have that pond I've been wanting. It's just not in the right spot though!!! LOL!

School is winding down for Lizzie, and I know she is looking forward to being done for the summer. I think that history is done now and maybe one other subject. Just in time to spend extra time practicing for that piano recital in less than 10 days. She doesn't want to talk about that! She will be playing "Turkey in the Straw". This will be quite a large recital as her teacher is combining forces with another there will be over 30 people performing. Thankfully they are supposed to all be short songs!!! Tuesday night the 27th, Mom and Dad you are invited, but the invitation says one must stay for the WHOLE THING!!! Think hard and long about that before you respond!! Double LOL!!!

So that's it for now. Stay tuned for the next post. Hopefully within the hour!!!

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Amy Sue said...

Darn. I missed that part on staying for the whole thing. I was just going to stay until she played and then leave. Ugh.