Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Winter's Last Gasp....

Old Man Winter was just not ready to give up today. We had snow. Probably almost half an inch here at our house. It was pretty, with big huge flakes, but it just didn't look quite right with all the flowers in bloom, getting buried in snow. Here are my flowers I showed you last weekend, covered now in snow....

We have a beautiful sunset going now, a bright salmon pink. Very Pretty!

Sunday was Easter, and it was a pretty quiet day for us. We went to church, and Gracie was dedicated. She looked so sweet in the christening gown. Amy has a few more pictures on her blog. I took the gown to my friend on Tuesday for the machine embroidery of the names, I am excited to see how it will turn out. We had a nice dinner at home and Alana did an Easter Egg hunt here in the house as it was absolutely nasty rainy and windy outside. She still had fun, it didn't take her long to find all the eggs! We then went to the new Carl's Jr restaurant for dinner. It has been open only a few days, and has been packed almost constantly. The burgers were so big, none of us could finish them!

Here is a little peek of the project I am working on for the gift exchange for the stitching retreat next month. I took the basic layout from a Janice Love pattern, and then substantially changed the hardanger filling stitches to suit my tastes, and added a lacy border edge. I still want to add some crystals or beads to make it sparkle. I'm putting a bit of hardanger on the other end too, but don't want to show too much yet. I am very happy with this project. I may have to make one for myself too!!!

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