Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Spring!!!

A delightful event happened while we were gone on vacation...spring arrived in the Pacific Northwest. Though a week shy calendar-wise, we came home to flowers and plum trees in full bloom!!! Here area few pictures from my garden this week. I've said it many times before, spring is my favorite season!

Easter is coming up this weekend. I am not quite ready for it yet this year. I really like having Easter in April when the weather is a little warmer and I have a little more time to think about getting ready for it. The kids are having Gracie dedicated at church Easter morning, so I need to get the christening gown cleaned up and pressed. This will be the 5th baby in my family to wear this dress. I am looking forward to seeing her in it. I have a friend, Lizzie's piano teacher, that has a professional embroidery machine, so I am going to take the dress to her and have her embroider in white script the names and birthdates of all our girls that have worn the dress. I haven't decided if it will be along the bottom hem or under the overskirt yet.

I have been fighting a cold for over a week now, and been miserable, trying to go to work and keep up with life at the same time. I finally called in sick to work yesterday (and today) and slept a good portion of the day. I am feeling a little better now, I hope by next week to be back to normal.

Von and I are attending the Victoria Samper Retreat in Victoria the last full week of April. I am really looking forward to going. One of the activities will be a gift exchange, and I was wanting to stitch something special for a gift, so yesterday I pulled out my hardanger books, and found a small pocket (designed for potpourri, but I have other ideas!!) with a hardanger flap that I really like and so I started stitching it last night. I think it's going to be really pretty. I hope I have enough time to make an accessory or two to go with it!!! Von! No peeking!!!!

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