Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Kitchen Inspiration

I don't bake much anymore. Mostly because I work full time, I don't have extra time to just putter around in the kitchen. Sometimes I like to bake when the mood strikes. Not as much as I like to stitch or EAT baked goods mind you, but there are times when it is fun, especially trying a new recipe.

I found this blog about cupcakes while reading another blog, A Treehuggers Wife. I am inspired. I lifted this picture from said blog Isn't it pretty? I hope she doesn't mind, but maybe it will bring her more readers. I think I need to plan a Saturday morning baking session!!! Followed of course, by a Saturday afternoon eating and stitching session!!


Missy said...

Oh, I would love to just pluck one of those out of the picture and pop it into my mouth. Aren't cupcakes just so much fun? Thanks for linking me!

: )

Von said...

Wow, two posts in one week! Do I sense a New Year's resolution here, lol!

I've seen quite a few posts with the cutest cupcakes on various blogs. These look real yummy!

Mom said...

Looks yummy. Now all you need to do is to find time to bake them.

angie said...

They seem delicious. It's a lovely picture.