Saturday, January 12, 2008


I had a few minutes this week to putter in the kitchen, so I decided to follow the inspiration from my previous post, and make cupcakes!!! Nothing terribly exciting, just a box mix and purchased icing, but it was a big hit here in the Dunton household. I think every single person asked "are those for us???".

It was fun, but they didn't last long!!! Note to self...cupcakes are prettier when you don't over fill the muffin tins!!!

Congratulations are lovingly sent to my friend Von on the birth of her grandaugther Ilse. Check her blog for more details! Congrats to Mystie and Matt, and all our love, from our family to yours!!!


angie said...

They seem delicious. I love chocolate.

Von said...

Yumminess such as that doesn't last long around this house either, lol!

Thanks for the congrats. :) Mystie and Ilse are doing very well, Ilse has a bit of jaundice at the moment - totally normal. She's a good nurser and a bit of a spitter-upper. Matt's had a couple of days off work so Mystie was well pampered and the boys kept busy.