Friday, October 26, 2007

Still Waiting....

Baby Gracie has not yet made an appearance. Which, while stressful for those of us waiting, is best for her. Every day is a milestone right now!

Von, I saw your new blog layout...very nice. For some reason, blogger is not letting me get in to make a comment, I think it is at my end...I've noticed it has happened before, and when I restart the computer it takes care of it. I am just too lazy to restart, hence I hope you see this post. Anyway, I liked how you put your Virginia Creeper picture at the top of your sidebar....This is a great way to show off a new picture. Maybe I can be real efficient and change the picture weekly! Probably not, but it is a great idea!!! I started with the Victoria Sampler Washington State heart.

Our lives right now consist of waiting for baby to come, and somehow to always be prepared for that moment....I have taken to constantly carrying my tote bag with has the movie camera, digital camera, extra batteries, a small stitching project, my mp3 player, etc. I have even been taking it to work with me, which has been only two days this week. I am trying to stay on top of the dishes and housework so that I don't have a huge mess to deal with and still be at the hospital with Amy Sue.

The weather has taken a decided turn towards winter. It froze last night, and it is cold in the house even with the heat set at 68 degrees. This now means that the leaves that had not fallen yet will be off in a day or two, having been frozen off. All the flowers that were still blooming will now be brown and hunkering down for winter. We've been drinking alot of apple cider at our house, with a little bit of caramel syrup...yummy! I haven't decorated with any of my fall decorations, since having a two year old in the house means they will not stay put, or even in one piece. I decided not to even bring out the temptation!!!!

We have been watching the news about the California wildfires, along with everyone else I guess. Several old friends of mine have had to evacuate their homes, and one family that I know of lost their home. What is even sadder is that the largest fire has been determined to be caused by arson. It has been amazing to hear first hand reports of how things really are....One gal sent us a picture of some miniature horses being kept in a shopping cart enclosure in the parking lot of a Costco....

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Von said...

Hi Connie! Barbara sent me an email this morning that she couldn't leave a comment. Once again it turned out to be a strange IE problem as it all worked perfectly in Firefox. I searched all over for a solution, even had Geoff look at it for a few minutes. Finally this evening I used IE to change my template and then it behaved itself. Ah well. I think the new system will be much easier for me to change things up now and then. :)

Praying for peace and patience for you all. Hugs!