Saturday, October 20, 2007

A quick update!

For those of you friends and family who have an interest, this is just to update you all on how things are going with Amy Sue. She has been in the hospital since Thursday evening. She started having regular contractions again, and has been on IV drips of magnesium sulfate since then trying to stop her labor. It seems to be working for now. They have also been giving her shots of steroids to develop the baby's lungs. An ultrasound was done Friday afternoon, and the baby weighs approximately 5.5 pounds, and size wise is at about 35.5 weeks. Her actual weeks are 34 weeks today. They have ultimately decided to wean her off of the magnesium over the next 24 hours and just let nature take it's course. So I am expecting baby Gracie Lynn to be born sometime this week...if not tomorrow!!! (Yep, she finally has a name too!!) We are scrambling like mad around here trying to get things prepared, since we had done basically nothing to get ready for the baby at home...

I will try and send more updates as we know anything new and different. Prayers are definitely appreciated and needed!

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