Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's a gorgeous fall day!

The sun is shining brightly, for now at least, and I took the opportunity to snap a picture of one of my dogwood trees showing it's fall color. It is so pretty with the sun shining on the leaves, making them glow from the inside, the picture doesn't do it justice. I cleaned house this morning, my normal Saturday morning chores, and Lizzie, Amy and I are going to go have manicures together this afternoon. John has kindly consented to watch Alana for a couple hours so that we can have some time away.

I finished the Mary and Joseph ornament this week, it stitched up fairly quickly. I pulled the threads and fabric for the final ornament in the series this morning, so I hope to get started on it this evening.

Life is in a nice routine this week, so nothing very exciting or dramatic to talk about. I am savoring this time, as I know when the new baby is born that life will not be "normal" again for quite awhile!!! Oh, but aren't they worth it???

This new granddaughter is still currently without a name. A first name of Samantha was mulled around for a time, but has since been rejected. Amy has her favorites of course, and Max is not wanting to cooperate and make a Mystie has said in her blog regarding their new baby's name, it may be a matter of who gets their hands on the paperwork at the hospital first before we know the final decision!!!! I keep telling Amy not to worry too much, she didn't have a middle name until after she was born, and then we ended up changing her name legally from Amy Celeste to Amy Sue Celeste when she was about 6 months old. Sometimes babies just need to let you know by their presence what they are to be called, I think!!!

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Von said...

A "boring" life can be pretty nice! But it never lasts very long, does it?!

I am so glad that Gary and I are not naming any more children! Lol! It takes so much energy. Perhaps we don't need to be in such a hurry to name the child until we know him/her better. Altho with Gary it would have just prolonged the agony. :D

There are still many trees with green leaves, but the view from my kitchen window is gorgeous right now. The trees behind the neighbors are a wonderful mix of purple, red, gold, yellow, and green. I spend far too much time staring.