Saturday, October 06, 2007

I'm on a roll now....

I have finished another unfinished project last week...this time, Gazebo Roses, by Victoria Sampler. It's been about 4 years in my basket, so I am very excited to have it finished. I modified the pattern just a little to make it fit on my fabric better, changed one row and left off a few of the smaller rows, but I am very pleased with the result. I will probably finish it off into a bell pull one of these days.

I have gotten back to working on the Shepherd's Bush Christmas ornaments from the Just Cross Stitch magazines over the years...I am currently on the 2006 ornament, and now that I have the new ornament issue for 2007, I can finish up this series I hope in time for Christmas this year. I am planning on stitching them together into some kind of a banner, in order, so that it is easier to read the story in the words.

I went this morning and had my flu shot for the year...Ouch! Normally they
don't hurt and I have no lingering effects from the shot, but this time the person did it way up on my shoulder where there is nothing but bone and tendons and it hurt when he did it, and now my whole arm is aching big time. I am guessing it is from the placement of the shot and not the vaccine itself. Argghhh!

It is nice to have more time for stitching now that my test is over and the weather is forcing me indoors on the weekends. Its been cozy, sit with a quilt and hot water bottle type weather...just perfect for stitching and reading!

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Von said...

So nice to see GR finished, Connie! Congratulations!

I need to get back to my SB ornaments now that I have the new ornie magazine. Of course, I started something else instead, but it should be a quick little thing!